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We are continuously expanding our product range. At the moment, we offer our materials and implants for research purposes only.

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BRI.Screw is the first bioresorbable screw that is produced entirely from elements essential to and naturally present in the human body, namely magnesium, calcium, and zinc, in a highly pure form. Using special techniques during manufacturing, we achieve the suitable mechanical properties, as close as possible to those of human bone. What is more, BRI.Screw dissolves steadily after having ensured support during the bone healing phase.


BRI.Mag is the patented material from which we produce our biodegradable BRI.Screw. It is a magnesium-zinc-calcium alloy developed over the course of eight years, which marks an important milestone in materials research. Its high purity, as well as its mechanical performance and degradation characteristics, makes it uniquely suited for clinical application. We are proud to provide selected research groups with BRI.Mag.