After Romy Linda Marek, MSc, BSc, (born 1987 in Switzerland), finished her bacchelor's program in Life Science Technologies (focus: Medical technologies et al. implant development, biocompatible materials, biomechanics and therapeutic systems and tecnologies) and Life Science master studies (focus: Biomedical engineering et al. medical systems, implant design and material science) she has started her PhD studies at the Medical University of Graz and joined the mentoring program supervised by Assoz. Prof. Dr. Annelie-Martina Weinberg.

After her PhD she wants to work as a Post Doc in the field of implant development and materials science - preferably with 3D printing. That's why she is highly contributing and participating to the MgSAFE project too, where she can apply and present her skills from CAD, surface characterization and modification of biomaterials through 3D printing knowledge up to biomechanical testing.

Her favourite quote is from Che Guevara: "Let's be realistic! Demand the impossible!"

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