Romy Linda Marek

Hello Romy, welcome back from the MgSAFE Workshop in Brüttisellen , Switzerland. What was the Training about?

Romy Marek The training was about biomaterials science, with a special focus on magnesium, where we learned about the corrosion behaviour of magnesium, as well as about some challenges of processing this material. We also learned about bone growth in general and what has to be considered when designing an implant for a growing bone. Since the workshop was held at SCANCO, which is a company based in Switzerland developing micro CTs, we learned about this imaging technique, as well as about image processing and optimization methods.

Can you tell us two things you liked the most and why?

Romy Marek We had to do a group work, where we should develop to different types of implants. One was a hip implant which could be made of any material which we considered being reasonable and for the second implant, which had to be made of magnesium, we had to find a new indication and application. It was lots of fun to bring different ideas together and since we are all from different backgrounds, it was interesting that we could cover a wide branch with our knowledge, starting from material science and surface treatments of the material, to clinical applications.

Also it was great to be able to talk to the different ESRs in person. It is much easier to coordinate and match the experiments among the groups, when we are in the same place. We could again clarify some things concerning our experiments and got one step further. But in general it was also lots of fun to see the ESRs and to talk about our progress. We met only for the second time but it feels like a big family already and we all get along well. I also do have the feeling, that everyone is willing to help the others and motivated to cooperate, which is great.

There's an interview on Twitter where you describe your part within the MgSAFE project. Let's watch it!

Romy Marek Alright, let's go for it. (smiles)