Romy Linda Marek

MgSAFE / MedUni PhD Mentoring Program

Hello Romy, welcome back from the MgSAFE Workshop in Brüttisellen , Switzerland. What was the Training about?

Romy Marek The training was about biomaterials science, with a special focus on magnesium, where we learned about the corrosion behaviour of magnesium, as well as about some challenges of processing this material. We also learned about bone growth in general and what has to be considered when designing an implant for a growing bone. Since the workshop was held at SCANCO, which is a company based in Switzerland developing micro CTs, we learned about this imaging technique, as well as about image processing and optimization methods.

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Romy Linda Marek, MSc, BSc

After Romy Linda Marek, MSc, BSc, (born 1987 in Switzerland), finished her bacchelor's program in Life Science Technologies (focus: Medical technologies et al. implant development, biocompatible materials, biomechanics and therapeutic systems and tecnologies) and Life Science master studies (focus: Biomedical engineering et al. medical systems, implant design and material science) she has started her PhD studies at the Medical University of Graz and joined the mentoring program supervised by Assoz. Prof. Dr. Annelie-Martina Weinberg.

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