BRI.Screw + BRI.Mag

BRI.Screw dissolves naturally BRI.Screw by BRI.Tech

Introduction to BRI.Screw

BRI.Screw is there to stabilise a fractured bone as long as it is needed in order to support it.

Unlike conventional implants made of titanium or stainless steel, its material dissolves naturally and is excreted by the body as soon as the bone is fully functional again.

BRI.Mag is the patented material from which we produce our biodegradable BRI.Screw BRI.Mag by BRI.Tech

Introduction to BRI.Mag

BRI.Mag is the patented material from which we produce our biodegradable BRI.Screw.

It is a magnesium-zinc-calcium alloy developed over the course of eight years, which marks an important milestone in materials research. Its high purity, as well as its mechanical performance and degradation characteristics, makes it uniquely suited for clinical application. We are proud to provide selected research groups with BRI.Mag.

Assoz. Prof. Dr. Annelie-Martina Weinberg

Annelie-Martina Weinberg

Assoz. Prof. Dr. Weinberg is a senior physician at the University Hospital Graz. In 2001, she was the first woman in the trauma surgery department to be awarded the habilitation. Besides that, she has made a name for herself by doing pioneering research in experimental biomechanics, molecular biology, and fracture healing in children, with a focus on absorbable implants. Assoz. Prof. Dr. Annelie-Martina Weinberg

MgSAFE / MedUni Graz PhD Mentoring Program

In this section we want to show some insights of the ongoing MgSAFE project and the progress made by our PhD students. BRI.Tech is supporting this mentoring program as a partner only.

Click on the PhD students pictures to read through some insights and statements regarding the mentoring program and the MgSAFE project.