New 360° video shows research in the EU project MgSafe

X-Ray vision in 360° - Within the EU project MgSafe Hanna Slominska and Kamila Iskhakova are doing their PhD at the HZG, but conduct their experiments at the HZG outstation at the Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron DESY. They use the special X-ray light at the beamlines there to make even the smallest material processes visible. These investigations help to monitor the degradation of the magnesium implants and the regeneration of the surrounding bone at high resolution. This is of particular importance as the implant is required to yield sufficient stability during healing and should quickly be dissolved afterwards.

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3rd Pediatric Medical Devices Symposium - November 2020

PedMedDev - The Hub for Pedratic Medical Devices. The overall goal of the PedMedDev Hub is to promote and improve medical devices for our children.

Regulatory requirements, high development costs, a small market share and insufficient remuneration hinder the development of child-centered medical technology, although it is precisely they, and with them society, that would benefit most.

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