Begüm Okutan

Begüm Okutan, MSc, (born 1991 in Turkey), has been granted numerous full scholarships for her studies at the Yeditepe University (focus et al.: Genetics and bioengineering, food engineering, biotechnology MSc program). In 2019 she has started the Molecular Medicine PhD program (Department: Orthopaedics and Trauma) at the Medical University of Graz and joined the mentoring program supervised by Assoz. Prof. Dr. Annelie-Martina Weinberg.

Her primary objective after finishing her current PhD study is to maintain her scientific career and publishing academic/scientific publications as first author and contribute to several other publications as co-author.

In respect of her professional skills et al. cell culture, molecular analysis, stem coll isolation and culture, contact angle goniometry, MIMICs and microCT, contributing and participating to the MgSAFE project within her PhD program is an excellent opportunity to make the next steps towards her goals.

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