Hello Begüm, welcome back from the MgSAFE Workshop in Brüttisellen , Switzerland. Can you give some insights about the Training to our audience?

Begüm Okutan This workshop mainly focused on degradable implant materials and imaging techniques. We started with basics in metal physics and metals corrosion and continued with Synchrotron μCT, SAXS, and μCT theory. They organized a live demo with different μCT machines. We scanned some samples and then focused on basics in image analysis. Moreover, biomaterials (what they are, in which circumstances which materials should be used, etc), implant design and performance (which properties are important when we design an implant) were mentioned. Then, we continued with bone fractures, Mg alloy design, processing and their performance in in vivo and clinics. The topic of the last day was the machine learning (how machines gathered and processed the information). Also, we worked in the groups on project in designing an implant for femur fracture and designing in Mg implants for soft tissues.

What have been the two things you liked the most and why?

Begüm Okutan I mostly liked live demo and working in the groups. Live demo related with μCT and its working principle. It was very interesting to see the open μCT machines, its components and scanning of the sample. This training was very useful for me since in my project I also use the μCT and now I have more information about its working principle.

Secondly, I really enjoyed working in the groups on project. In our group, we have a different background and it was good to combine and discuss different things to design a good implant.

Begüm, we saw your interview on twitter. Can we take a look at it together?

Begüm Okutan Yes, of coures. You're welcome. (laughing)