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About BRI.Tech, the BRI.Tech team and our BRI.Screw

BRI.Tech - Bioresorbable ImplantTechnologies

Why not make life a little easier by avoiding a surgical intervention - if you can?

Implants for Children

The main idea behind BRI.Tech is all about the treatment of broken bones in children. In dealing with fractures, the use of a stabilising implant is often unavoidable - and then, after a period of approximately six weeks, when bone healing is in a final state, a second operation is necessary to remove the implant from the growing skeleton.

This, obviously, always constitutes a risk and might require another unpleasant hospital stay. Thus, developing a stable implant that dissolves naturally as soon as the bone is able to take over the load again is a major step towards avoiding pain and discomfort. All this can be achieved using natural elements only:

  • the endogenous elements magnesium, calcium, and zinc: essential for the human body and tolerated well in low doses
  • no discomfort due to screw heads under your skin
  • no complications caused by metal implants in the event of another fracture close to the implantation site

Our directors and our management

The combination of clinical expertise in trauma and orthopaedic surgery and the know-how from research and engineering makes our team of experts as unique as it is.