Endogenous Materials only

Our implants are exclusively made of extra-high purified magnesium, which is an essential element in the human body. It is alloyed with zinc and calcium, which are endogenous materials, as well. Nothing else.

An entirely new type of implants

Our product, BRI.Screw, is designed to provide the mechanical stability required to support a fractured bone despite being singularly light and unobtrusive. This is how we ensure a flawless performance both during and after surgery.

Our specialists at BRI.Tech

BRI.Tech is supported by experts working in clinical practice in trauma and orthopaedic surgery, as well as by non-clinical researchers specialising in the development of biodegradable metals, and biological and toxicological tests.

Internationally-oriented research

Founded after years of academic research, BRI.Tech as a company is closely associated with international programmes and projects researching into biodegradable implants.

Why Choose BRI.Tech

A broken bone is always an unpleasant experience. Understandably enough, therefore, after successful bone healing one would be glad to simply forget about surgical procedures and orthopaedic implants once and for all.

BRI.Tech enables you to do so by making a second operation unnecessary: the biodegradable implants we develop do not need to be removed later on.

The whole secret lies in using elements which are naturally present in the human body and will in due course dissolve without further intervention.

BRI.Screw + BRI.Mag

BRI.Screw is there to stabilise a fractured bone as long as it is needed in order to support it. Unlike conventional implants made of titanium or stainless steel, its material dissolves naturally and is excreted by the body as soon as the bone is fully functional again.

Medical research

BRI.Tech is a spin-off company of the research project Laura Bassi Centre BRIC. Due to our close connection to university research, we are involved in various research projects on the development and application of biodegradable implants.

Novel approaches

BRI.Tech is constantly developing new designs and shapes for biodegradable implants, which are consequently tested so as to ensure patient safety and mechanical stability. Keep up with our research work!

Mentoring Program

BRI.Tech operates as a Partner Organisation for the MgSAFE project and contributes with start-up experience which can serve as a role model for the ESRs who are willing to start their own enterprise.

Meet our team

BRI.Tech was founded by a diverse team with expertise in clinical medicine, medical research, and engineering.

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