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Make a  second surgical intervention unnecessary with biodegradable magnesium

A broken bone is always an unpleasant experience. Understandably enough, therefore, after successful bone healing one would be glad to simply forget about surgical procedures and orthopaedic implants once and for all. BRI.Tech enables you to do so by making a second operation unnecessary: the biodegradable implants we develop do not need to be removed later on. The whole secret lies in using elements which are naturally present in the human body and will in due course dissolve without further intervention.


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Welcome to BRI.Tech GmbH

BRI.Tech is breaking new ground in orthopaedic and trauma surgery. If you are curious to know how, check out below.


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der Zeitung BILANZ geschafft!

Am 07. Juni wurden wir nach Berlin eingeladen und konnten unsere Firma einem großen Publikum präsentieren.

 Dank dieses Erfolges, berichtet die Zeitung BILANZ in ihrer aktuellen Ausgabe über uns und bei welt.de findet sich ebenfalls ein Artikel!

7.12. 2017: BRI.TECH was featured in the Kleine Zeitung PRIMUS section – „Steirische Innovation: Streit um magische Schraube“. Read more at www.kleinezeitung.at.

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7.12. 2017: Check out the award ceremony for the SFG company of the month November 2017. A big thank you goes to all of our supporters!

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1.12.2017: BRI.TECH has won the competition „Company of the month“ for November 2017. We are proud of this result and would like to thank all our supporters! Check it out at unternehmen-des-monats.at.

Starring Prof. Annelie-Martina Weinberg  and  Nicole Grün, PhD


BRI.Tech was founded by a diverse team with expertise in clinical medicine, medical research, and engineering.

Assoz. Prof. Dr. Annelie-Martina Weinberg
Assoz. Prof. Dr. Annelie-Martina WeinbergCEO and Co-Founder
Annelie is a senior physician at the University Hospital Graz. In 2001, she was the first woman in the trauma surgery department to be awarded the habilitation. Besides that, she has made a name for herself by doing pioneering research in experimental biomechanics, molecular biology, and fracture healing in children, with a focus on absorbable implants. Her lifetime project is the realisation of the Laura Bassi Centre BRIC (Bioresorbable Implants for Children) at the Medical University of Graz: “I had been doing research on absorbable implants for children for several years – without sufficient financial support because the industry did not consider children worth investing in. But now things have changed. BRIC has given me the opportunity to hand down my knowledge to the next generation of researchers, to dedicate myself to scientific innovation.”
Ing. Heinz Moitzi
Ing. Heinz MoitziCo-Founder and Technical Advisor
Heinz has been working at AT&S (Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG) since 1981, initially as head of the mechanics and galvanics department, then as production and plant manager at Hinterberg. As the company’s manager and COO, he spent several years in Shanghai and then returned to the position of Vice President of Production; currently, he holds the position of CTO. His specific managerial responsibilities cover production, research and development, quality control, environment, safety, maintenance, and procurement.
DI Dr. Johannes Andreas Eichler
DI Dr. Johannes Andreas EichlerCOO
Johannes was the scientific head of Annelie Weinberg’s research group BRIC and the deputy head of the department of preclinical imaging at the core facility for alternative biomodels and preclinical imaging at the Medical University of Graz before he assumed the responsibility for the operative business of BRI.Tech. Besides the medical studies he pursued from 2012 in the doctoral programme at the Laura Bassi Centre BRIC, Johannes has a master’s degree in telematics from the Graz University of Technology. Johannes is not only experienced in the management of research projects, but also in commercial marketing.


Our product BRI.Screw is the result of eight years of preclinical research, combined with state-of-the-art materials.

Clinical Trials

We will start our clinical first-in-man trials shortly.

Patient Safety

BRI.Tech attaches great importance to patient safety – that is why we use highly pure elements the human body is accustomed to and can readily deal with. To rule out the risk of complications, we make sure that the concentrations of magnesium, calcium, and zinc set free during degradation never exceed the recommended level.


Our implants are currently undergoing the certification process according to ISO 13485.

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